Original Tag – Nigerian Writers’ Tag💃🏽

I’m super excited about creating this tag because I am passionate about Nigerian literature and love what Nigerian writers bring to the world! Nigerian writers are a real treasure to Nigeria and all over and should be appreciated every moment!

I searched on the internet for any Nigerian Writers’ Tag I could find but could not find any so I decided to create one! Feel free to participate in this tag and leave any great Nigerian reads and recommendations.

The questions are below:

  1. Mention 10 Nigerian writers you know –
  2. Who is/are your favourite Nigerian Writers?
  3. What is your favourite genre of books to read by a Nigerian Writer?
  4. What is your favourite fictional book by a Nigerian Writer?
  5. What is your favourite non-fictional book by a Nigerian Writer
  6. What is your least favourite book written by a Nigerian Writer?
  7. Name a fictional book/books written by a Nigerian Writer with brilliant plot twists?
  8. Name a book written by a Nigerian Writer that made you sad/cry
  9. Name a book/books written by a Nigerian writer that made you laugh
  10. Name 3 classics written by Nigerian Writers that you think everyone should read in their lifetime
  11. What books written by Nigerian writers will you like to see film adaptations of-
  12. What genre would you like to see more of written by Nigerian writers?
  13. Share a few books on your TBR by Nigerian Writers

You can watch my answers and Nigerian reads recommendations here below:

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