Book Review: Becoming Nigerian: A Guide (#8/30)

Title: Becoming Nigerian: A Guide

Author: Elnathan John

Published By: Cassava Republic Press

Release Date: 2019

Genre: Non-Fiction; Satire

Format: Paperback

Length:149 pages

In Becoming Nigerian: A Guide Elnathan John provides an affecting, unrestrained and satirical guide to the Nigerians you will meet at home and abroad, or on your way to hell and to heaven. It is a searing look at how power is performed, negotiated and abused in private and in public; in politics, business, religious institutions and in homes. From the exploration of religious hypocrisy to inequality in matters of the heart, the collection is a jab at Nigerian society and what it means to be a Nigerian. Beyond poking fun at the holders of power, it is a summons, a provocation and a call for introspection among all levels of society. As is often said in Nigeria, when you point with one finger, there are four others pointing back at you.

This engrossing read is a must-have for Nigerians on how to move beyond shame and arrogance, and for Non-Nigerians, a uniquely informative guide on how to accept their awe and envy of Nigerians. It is an invitation for everyone to embrace and rejoice in their inner Nigerian.


Well, if you looking for a good laugh (assuming you have a good sense of humor and don’t take everything personally), this book right is your plug! I read this about a few of weeks ago almost in one sitting. Where do I even start from with this book? It is safe to say the tables that were shattered in this book are out of this world. As a Nigerian, I could totally relate with the book’s humour and satire.

I love the book’s simplicity and uncomfortable hidden and explicit truths lurking in all its chapters.

I would admit that for me, some chapters had me like “bleh” and there were some pages I couldn’t wait to turn faster but all in all, it was a great and funny read.

Mind-blowingly shady and funny as hell, this is one unputdownable work of art you want to get as a Nigerian. And as a Non-Nigerian, well, that’s left for you to decide.


I would give this book a healthy 7.5/10.

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