Book Review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (#3/30)

Wow. Wow. Wow.

What can I say about this book though?

So when we selected this book as the book of the month of January 2019 at The Readers’ Hub book club which I belong to, I was quite excited to delve into it. Along the line, my excitement waned as I got into the first few pages of the book and I was like “ugh, not another self-help book masked as a fable for finding your dreams and blah blah” (Funny enough, I love self-help books and have loads of them. I think, as I shared at our book club meet, that we had read quite a number (okay, just two) the previous year and my subconscious was somewhat sick of them. I think that’s all it was.

Fastforward to the book club meet where we reviewed and discussed the book and I was blown away listening to people give accounts of the book, what the had learned and how they had/were currently giving the book some practical application. At the time, I had only gotten halfway so I promised myself that I would go back and finish up.

One of my best decisions ever.

The book is a story of a fictional character, Julian Mantle who is an amazing, supersmart, wealthy lawyer whose fast-paced lifestyle leads to him collapsing and having a heart attack in a packed court room. This heart attack opens his eyes to the fragility of life and he quits his job, travels to India to seek certain answers to life’s important questions.

The story is narrated by his somewhat mentee, John who has a mind blowing encounter with Julian after he has returned from India. Julian imparts all the knowledge he has gained from some Monks in India who he lives with for a while.

The major principles propounded in the book are:

This book is simply amazing and it seemed to have stoked a much-needed fire within me that I am super grateful for. So if you’re looking for that kick to start your life great in various aspects this year, this book is for you!

Overall score: 8.5/10

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Hi there! I'm Rachel. I am a Lawyer, Blogger, Booktuber and Mental Heath Advocate. I am Passionate About Life's Amazing Lessons, Books, Psychology, New Discoveries And Everything In Between! ♥️

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