Lessons of the Year 2018!

Wow! It is hard to believe 2018 is already coming to an end! I am super excited and thankful for how the year went by; the good, the bad and the not so great alike. I have learned quite a number of lessons throughout the year and I am always happy to share some of these with you all. I found that there is always a lesson to learn; in the good and bad times, there is always something to take away from every experience in life.

So 50 of the lessons I learned this year are below for you…perhaps you can learn one or two from them?

  1. Manage expectations.
  2. Set realistic goals/deadlines. 
  3. A problem only becomes a problem by how you choose to handle it.
  4. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. 
  5. Say No! 
  6. It is your job to shape the garden of your mind.
  7. Your input determines your outlook. Your outlook determines your output, and your output determines your future.
  8. Manage expectations.
  9. The day is won or lost in the little things.
  10. You are capable of far more than you realize.
  11. Communication is everything!
  12. Sometimes to learn new things in life, you must unlearn certain things.
  13. Nobody belongs to you.
  14. When you realize that you don’t need people to be something FOR you then you will be emotionally free.
  15. Surrender does not always mean weakness.
  16. There are values in the valleys.
  17. Concentrating on one thing at a time may be the single most important factor in achieving flow.
  18. Do not worry.
  19. Hard work and sustained success go hand in hand.
  20. Take risks. You just never know until you try.
  21. Live an unhurried life.
  22. Be optimistic.
  23. Timing is everything
  24. You attract what you are ready for.
  25. Not everyone desires what you do. And that’s okay.
  26. God’s word is true. And encouraging. And uplifting.
  27. It’s not about what you build, it’s about how you build.
  28. Things cannot interrupt you without your permission.
  29. Productivity is not about doing more but about doing what matters- do fewer things better.
  30. When you have nothing to lose, you have infinite potential.
  31. Dreams do come true.
  32. Attempt.
  33. What you are speaks so loudly that what you say cannot be heard.
  34. It is possible.
  35. The world will still go on without you. Be humble.
  36. Don’t give up.
  37. Because good enough will never change the world.
  38. Life is short. Stay awake for it.
  39. Learned helplessness; a mental state in which an organism forced to bear aversive stimuli, or stimuli that are painful or otherwise unpleasant, becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with those stimuli, even if they are “escapable,” presumably because it has learned that it cannot control the situation.
  40. The universe is your friend.
  41. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.
  42. Life is indeed the sum of it all.
  43. Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.
  44. Purpose protects vulnerability.
  45. Passion is everything.
  46. Celebrate the little victories in the valleys.
  47. Life is in phases.
  48. Sometimes a loss is a gain.
  49. Discipline x Persistence x Hard work = Positive Results.
  50. Learn to trust God’s word while also learning to trust His silence.

I hope you have a great 2019 ahead full of amazing life-changing lessons!

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Hi there! I'm Rachel. I am a Lawyer, Blogger, Booktuber and Mental Heath Advocate. I am Passionate About Life's Amazing Lessons, Books, Psychology, New Discoveries And Everything In Between! ♥️

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