Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime- Book Review!

So I just finished reading this book last week and all I can say is it is definitely one of my faves this year!

How would I describe this amazing work of art? Unputdownable. Purely Exceptional. Amazing. Outstanding work.

Yes, I am fully aware that as a Trevor Noah fan, I may be a little bit biased, but all bias aside (lol, how would I know when I put it all aside?), I think that this is definitely a must-read. Trevor is an amazing story-teller and if you watch his stand up or The Daily Show on the regular then there’s absolutely no way that you would read the book without reading it in his voice.

I loved every moment of the book. I laughed, gasped, almost cried, probably cried as I soaked in each word, each paragraph, each page, each chapter. In my mind (which came alive and fed my ever hungry and restless imagination), I travelled through time, culture, social class, struggles, stories, and successes.

I spoke languages in accents I have never heard, travelled to cities and towns I have never been to nor lived in. I imagined each city, each town, each scene as though I wrote the book and I felt like I was always standing ten feet away from each scene or as though I was a fly on the wall. Whenever I opened the pages, I felt like I was not present in my reality but just loved being immersed in it all. This is a good time to add that I would hide somewhere at work just so I could get at least 30 pages in. The book is just that good.

I am not a fan of spoilers or giving spoilers to people (yes I am that considerate, worship me) so I would not give any spoilers away from the book but it is safe to say that this book is definitely one of my top favorites ever!

Grab a copy and enjoy!


Overall score: 9/10

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