The Last Four!!

“Be inspired; you have seen another day! Smile; you have another chance! Take a step; you can do it again! Move; you can’t continue like this! Do something for that is all life is about! …Each day is another chance to add take a step towards a great end. Each day is another day to choose courage or fear! When you wake up, do something! Make each day count!”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Congratulations on making it to the last four months of the year 2018!!!

What, you might ask, is the need to celebrate making it to the last four months of the year, especially when things may not have gone as planned or hoped? Well, you’re alive, and healthy with food in your stomach, a roof over your head, you can read this blogpost which means you can see and take in all of life’s beauty, you have your two legs working and your two arms as well…there’s alot to be thankful for.

With each passing day, I have been constantly reminded of the value of life and I have found so many reasons -and keep finding reasons- to be grateful for life. After all, only a person with life in them can complain and grumble about the things he/she does not have. This past week alone, I know two people whose lives have ended (one just got married three months ago) and this past month, at least three people. And these are just people I know.

This year alone, people have left their homes in the morning to go to work and were involved in car accidents which were not their faults, people have gotten hit by stray bullets not from armed-robbers but from the police, people have been hit by drunk drivers or drivers who made a “little mistake” and their lives ended. When these people screamed “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” on January 1st 2018, I doubt they knew that this year would be their last. When your time is up, it is up. No second chances at life and no trial-runs. This is something I have internally asked so many questions about and wondered whether all we do is “live to die”. But I do not hold all the answers and I’m slowly realizing that this is okay. So yes, congratulations on making it to the last four months of 2018!

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Everyday, I am intentionally choosing to see the beauty in the “little things” in life and the blessings in just having life in me and good health. I am choosing to take one step at a time, one day at a time and one moment at a time, to celebrate the little victories and to live in the moment and enjoy this amazing life that God has created. I am choosing to be thankful for eyes that can see, a mouth that works, ears that hear, hands that can move and type, a brain that works and legs that respond when I want to move. Agreed, this year alone, some days have been better and much more encouraging than others and that is okay.

And even though we have moments where we are sober and thankful after having our thoughts stirred up by an incident (maybe hearing about someone who died) or someone who is in a worse off position than we are, let me speak to those negative and doubtful thoughts that are about to creep up or even crept up while reading the first paragraph of this blog post.

It is 9 months into 2018 and alot of buzztalk is going on on social media about “what have you achieved so far?” and for some of us reading this, our to-do list for the year still remains unchecked and we are beginning to have (or have already started having) mini panic attacks on what we are yet to accomplish. Some of us have already given up (maybe because you had a six months plan and you see that it’s only four months to the end of 2018) but, hey, there is so much you can do with four months!

As the new week begins, remember that the year 2018 is not over yet! The days spent feeling down, incomplete, afraid, unhappy and stressed out about how you are not where you want to be in life can never be gotten back. Time can never be rewound to give the best you could have given in that moment instead of living in a pity party. Choose happiness, choose laughter, choose gratitude. There’s still so much that can be accomplished in these last four months. Bounce back like never before!


Give them your best! Make them your best! Make them count!!

Have a great evening!

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