The Readers’ Hub Book Club Maiden Meet!

The Readers’ Hub Book Club, Abuja had its maiden book club meet today! We had a total of 13 book lovers in attendance! We got to know each other better and discussed several issues ranging from our reasons for reading what we read, challenges with consistency in reading as well as our time management in reading books.


We also highlighted the goals of the book club for the rest of the year to include to read at least a book a month, to encourage reading for personal and social development, to gain exposure to new genres that would not be ordinarily read and to gain different perspectives on books read.


The selected book of the month of August is “The Greatest Salesman in The World” by Og Mandino and at the end of the Month of August, we would share and discuss what we took away from the book. Our next book club meet would hold on Saturday, 1st September 2018.









To keep up with our reading list as well as discussions on the books we read, go follow @thereadershubng_  on instagram!





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