Making Each Day Count!

“Be inspired; you have seen another day! Smile; you have another chance! Take a step; you can do it again! Move; you can’t continue like this! Do something for that is all life is about! Impact makers take steps. Impact makers face challenges. Impact makers overcome challenges. Each day is a new day to have a different view of the real purpose why we live. Each day is another chance to add take a step towards a great end. Each day is another day to choose courage or fear! Each day is another moment of time to dare tactically or to do anything! When you wake up, do something! Make each day count!” 
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Whoop whoop! It’s my birthday today!!!
I’m super excited can you tell??
To say I’m excited about having the privilege of adding a new year to my life is an understatement! I woke up this morning feeling thankful, humble, grateful, blessed, sober and inspired! Plus, the amount of prayers I have received this morning from family and friends have been so so amazing and inspiring, nearly bringing me to tears as it were. With each year that goes by, I have a better and clearer understanding of the privilege and blessing of being alive; waking up each day to experience the amazing phenomenon called life and its numerous lessons and just living each day to the glory of God. God has been truly faithful and I know my life is a testimony!
It might not be your birthday today (and if it is, Happy Birthday to you! Today is a special special day), but how did you feel when you woke up this Saturday? Like it’s just another Saturday to lay in bed and scroll through social media? Or just another Saturday to do chores and run around? Or do you choose to see it as another day to be great and do something; take that little step in the pursuit of your goals?
What would it be today?
Each day we wake up alive and healthy is an opportunity to do something great in the direction of our goals; spiritual, financial, physical, academic, career, intellectual and so on. Each day is an opportunity to be different, to start afresh, to right any past wrongs, to look ahead, to forge ahead, to make up for lost time and opportunities. Each day is an opportunity to be positive and optimistic and work hard and strive to be better and to do better. Each day is an opportunity to be useful, to cause an impact, to break boundaries, to conquer and to fight and conquer those battles that wage wars within and without. Each day is an opportunity to make each day count!
I love what Jack from Titanic (really, if you haven’t seen Titanic the movie that came out a billion years…okay a million years ago, then I don’t know what to do with you) said when he was sitting at the dinner table with the really rich people and he said “I figure life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you. To make each day count”
So what are you doing this morning to make today count? What are you doing today to make it count? What step are you taking in the direction of your dreams and goals? If you had the gift of tomorrow and you looked back on today, would you be able to point out what you did to make today count?
Today, the 3rd March of 2018 would never come again. This particular day and this moment would never be re-lived again.
“Each day you wake up, you wake up with billions around the world but when the sun sets, not all retire. It is a joyful privilege to note that you are a unique person among billions of people who wake up each day to walk on the surface of the earth. It is a noble responsibility to note that you have to use this privilege effectively.” 


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