Don’t stop!

For the times you feel like you’ve seen it all
When the chips are down and your back is hard pressed against life’s prickly wall
When your world seems to never stop spinning
And deeper still in life’s waters, you find yourself drowning

For the times your mind plays truant and races off on a journey to your past
Dwelling on mistakes made, time wasted and opportunities lost
When you long for the realization of a dream and the moment you can kick back and exclaim “At last!”
But the parts of the dream all seem to fall apart at your feet and scatter like dust

For the times you feel as though you’ve constantly been left behind
Only as if to most of life’s opportunities, you’ve been inexplicably blind
When you feel as though by life’s stormy wind you’ve been tossed and turned
And by her glistening red hot coals, your feet are constantly burned

For the times you try to stifle back the never ending tears
Filled with disappointments, setbacks and soul searing pain
When you desperately cling on to hope but all you see before you is nothing but your fears…
And all your hard work, perseverance and efforts all seem to be in vainFor the times you have to fight the persistent battles within and without

And you seldom find yourself in the bondage and prison of sin, but cannot seem to get out
And all that seems right in the world is just to give in and partake
Only to keep reminding yourself that someone died for your sakeFor the times you took a chance, a risk, a leap of faith
But fell down flat on your face

And the times you took another chance and failed…again
And another…. and failed

And for the times you feel like you’ve had enough
And are tired of giving it the “last shot”
For the times you feel like giving up,

Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop….

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